Transcripts of the AMPHL conference will be available to interested parties. An email must be addressed to gary@PRIOHIO.com and the subject line MUST say “AMPHL transcript.” You will then be emailed a “dirty disk” transcript. (Thank You, PRIOHIO!)


AMPHL encourages you to talk with exhibitors and try different technology present. Keep in mind that the equipment displayed is valuable. Thus, please stay at the exhibit table on which you found the equipment with which you are examining. Only remove equipment from the table with the exhibitor’s expressed permission and returned the equipment in a mutually agreeable timely manner.

AMPHL requests that noise level be kept to a minimum to allow testing of stethoscopes and assistive listening devices.

Food and drink are not allowed in the exhibit room at any time.


Please allow the exhibitors to partake of lunch prior so that they may resume their exhibit stations as soon as possible for your convenience.

Place your meal ticket on the table in front of you to aid servers. Those that did not purchase lunch are restrained from entering the Holidome catered area per Holiday Inn’s request.


Due to noise concerns in the presentation room and exhibit room and the valuable equipment in the exhibit room, children under 13 are not allowed into either the presentation room or the exhibit room.


10. People literally understand me
9. I can be multiply stimulated (CART, sign language, and audio!) 8. I can demonstrate my electronic toys
7. I crank up the dB until it Hz
6. Everyone else’s voice sounds like mine
5. I don’t have to worry about dead batteries
4. I can’t get away with bluffing
3. People know I’m not crazy when I say I’m hearing things (tinnitus) 2. I’m usually not the only one with a vibrator…in bed

And the #1 reason to be part of AMPHL is:
1. Largest gathering of healthcare professionals with hearing losses

Courtesy of Samuel R. Atcherson, M.Ed.