AMPHL Conference Courtesy Requests

AMPHL encourages you to talk with all of our exhibitors and try different technology present. Keep in mind that the equipment displayed is valuable. Thus, please stay at the exhibit table on which you found the equipment that you are examining. Only remove equipment from the table with the exhibitor’s express permission and return the equipment in a mutually agreeable, timely manner.

AMPHL requests that noise level be kept to a minimum in the vicinity of the quiet stethoscope listening room to allow testing of stethoscopes and assistive listening devices.

Food and drink may be taken into the presentation room, but food and drink are not allowed in the quiet stethoscope listening room or exhibit halls at any time, with the exception of exhibitor representatives who choose to have their own food and drink at their own tables.

Due to noise concerns and the valuable equipment in the exhibit halls, children under thirteen years of age are not allowed into the presentation room, the quiet stethoscope listening room, nor the exhibit halls.