Conference Endorsements

“The Ann Arbor conference was terrific! The keynote addresses stimulated
conversations with colleagues
about how we can better support deaf and hard
of hearing people who want to pursue their dreams of becoming health care professionals. I’ve attended every conference except for one, and they get better and better each time. Along with rich opportunities to learn from a variety of seasoned and innovative presenters, the networking is unparalleled. We get to discuss with one another challenges, ideas, and solutions to things like optimizing communication, working with interpreters, and creative use of technology. I look forward to seeing colleagues and new ideas in Rochester!”Christopher Moreland, MD, MPH
- Ann Arbor 2015, Austin 2013, Portland 2011, Salt Lake City 2008, Miamisburg 2002, Cherry Hill 2001
“Attending the conferences in Austin and Ann Arbor have helped me tremendously in helping me connect with others who have taken the same path I am on now as a medical student. The seminars and exhibits were exciting and gave me more insight about the challenges and any available or upcoming solutions for deaf and hard-of-hearing medical professionals. I strongly urge anyone interested in health care, whether you are a pre-med, current medical student, veterinary student, nursing student, resident, or interpreter, to attend the next conference and meet the wonderful people from all walks of life who have some wisdom to share with you and help you break through any barriers in your field!”Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus, medical student
- Ann Arbor 2015, Austin 2013
“Since my first AMPHL conference in 2002, I have had the pleasure of seeing the conference grow from a single-track conference held in a small meeting room to a three-track conference requiring an auditorium for daily plenary sessions. I have always enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with such an amazing and diverse group of professionals, both as an interpreter (Miamisburg, Portland, and Austin) and as a presenter (Austin and Ann Arbor). I think the best part of the AMPHL conference is the intimacy—with such a small (but growing!) number of attendees, I feel the social opportunities are so much richer: I have the ability to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new colleagues. As a member of the interpreting team again this year, I feel a sense of satisfaction working with some of the most experienced medical conference interpreters from around the country. AMPHL continues to be one of my favorite conferences to be involved with. I look forward to Rochester in 2017!”Todd Agan, CI, CT, BEI Master Interpreter
- Ann Arbor 2015, Austin 2013, Portland 2011, Miamisburg 2002
“The AMPHL 2015 Conference in Ann Arbor rocked! I can’t think of a better place to meet and interact with others who have hearing losses and are involved with so many different professional fields. It’s the Shangri-La of networking!Jaime Wilson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
- Ann Arbor 2015, Austin 2013, Portland 2011, Salt Lake City 2008
“This was my third AMPHL conference and that feeling of walking into a place where everyone is on common ground in terms of overcoming challenges and striving for our best never gets old. I learn so much from others’ experience and, once again, I came away with useful tips to help me navigate the hearing world better. I wish I could hang out with these amazing individuals more often than every two years but I’m just grateful the opportunity exists!”Megan Jack, MD
- Ann Arbor 2015, Austin 2013, Portland 2011
“As I understand, I am the only person who has attended every single AMPHL conference since the first one in Cherry Hill, NJ in 2001, and I don’t plan on quitting any time soon! The most recent conference in Ann Arbor, MI was every bit as satisfying as all the previous conferences. It was a new place in a cool city with an amazing agenda to boot. I go to these conferences as a way to re-charge my batteries in the company of friends and colleagues, not only to present on the latest updates in assistive technology and stethoscopes, but also to learn something new, meet new people, and network. This year was extra special since the conference was associated with a clinical simulation center in a medical school, a very neat way to learn or practice in a safe environment while picking up tips and strategies or exploring new technologies with others in similar situations. We can simply no longer think we are alone as health professionals or students with hearing loss. We are a unique community committed to a healthier world in spite of it! Thank you, and congratulations, to the conference planning committee and to the board for another successful conference! Let’s keep this organization going strong into the future!”Sam Atcherson, PhD, CCC-A
- Ann Arbor 2015, Austin 2013, Portland 2011, Salt Lake City 2008, Washington DC 2005, Miamisburg 2002, Cherry Hill 2001
“I finally attended the AMPHL conference in Ann Arbor after several years away, and it was like a family reunion. Our pioneers and supporters have continued to mentor each generation of new health professionals. In addition, I met the new "nieces and nephews" so to speak – those who have joined since I first joined AMPHL. It’s exciting to see the conference grow each year in different disciplines and offerings, and I believe this organization has a role to serve for many years to come.Michael Argényi, MSW, medical student class of 2016
- Ann Arbor 2015, Salt Lake City 2008
“I love having a place to meet with other interpreters who do the same work that I do, it enables us to discuss solutions to situations we encounter daily. I particularly benefitted from the discussion facilitated by Todd Agan and Alicia Booth during the session ‘Evolution of a Designated Interpreter’s Role from Medical school to Practice.’ Their Q&A session covered everything from the logistics of handling a particularly lengthy shift to locating suitable substitute interpreters during the designated interpreter’s absence.”Melody Fico, ASL Interpreter, CI/CT
- Ann Arbor 2015, Salt Lake City 2008
“It was my first time. I will definitely come back for the next conference in 2017. I’m a college student who is pre-nursing. I’m planning to become a RN someday. This workshop gave me a lot of benefits, feedback, advocates, and great tips! I met several other professionals who are already in the field or who want to go into the medical field. I think it is great to interact, to get know them, and learn from their struggles. I think it is amazing what I have learned and I wish I had gone before!”Diane Bass, CNA, BA Psychology & BS Health Science
- Ann Arbor 2015