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At the recent AMPHL 2017 Rochester conference hosted at RIT/NTID, the AMPHL board had its biennial in person meeting. The entire board including the newly elected members were able to come with the exception of one and a successful handoff to the new board was done. Many thanks to our outgoing board members who have spent the last few years (or 12! – in the case of Chris Moreland) working hard to ensure AMPHL fulfills its mission. We look forward to seeing what the next two years bring!

Front row: Jaime Wilson, incoming president; Kyle DeCarlo, incoming vice-president; Sarah Hein, incoming secretary
Second row: Chad Ruffin, outgoing treasurer; Mike McKee, immediate past-president; Marcie Johnson, outgoing vice-president; Megan Jack, outgoing secretary
Third row: Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus, Wendy Eastman, Alicia Booth, Michael Argenyi, Jessica Dunkley, Alan Hurwitz, Scott Smith
Last row: Amber Kimball, Julia Selezneva, Marissa Clopper, Chris Moreland, Tom McKnight, Mel Whalen
Absent: Keiko Kamiya, incoming treasurer

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  1. Wendy Eastman

    It was a bittersweet decision for me to step down from the board. It has been a tremendous opportunity for me to be part of AMPHL’s tremendous growth and diversification over the past few years. I am excited for AMPHL and have confidence in our new and emerging leaders that joined our board. I will see everyone again in Baltimore!

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