AMPHL welcomes your enthusiasm and expertise to help our organization reach out and grow. Here are several ways you can contribute to AMPHL:

  • Write blog posts: Share your stories with others. Contact the Digital Strategy team to contribute. Here are a few topic ideas to kick-start your writing: Write an article that describes the path your journey has taken (including the barriers you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them). Do an interview-style post. Share an innovation you use and how it has helped you deal with communication issues.
  • Contribute a relevant news article: If a deaf/hard of hearing individual in science or a medical field makes the news, feel free to send us a link that AMPHL can post on the website and on social media.
  • Be a mentor or mentee: Fill out the form under Mentorship Program to sign up to be a mentor or mentee. Not only is it a great way to share your experiences thus far, it is also a great opportunity to make some new connections within AMPHL.
  • Join and contribute on social media: Check out our links at the top right corner or on the Social Media page under Ways to Participate for the various platforms you can join or follow. Share your stories or contribute to discussions on those platforms!
  • Talk about AMPHL: Feel free to mention AMPHL to friends or colleagues that would benefit from networking with us or the information we provide. If presenting to a group of deaf/hard of hearing students, feel free to mention AMPHL as a resource for them.
  • Join one of AMPHL’s projects or teams: See Teams and Projects under Contacts for our current projects and contact the chair of the team you’re interested in joining.
  • Volunteer for conferences: If you are interested in volunteering, contact the current conference chair (listed under Teams and Projects.)
  • Present at AMPHL conferences: See previous conferences for ideas on presentations and start thinking about what presentations you would find useful or what you can share with conference attendees to help them on their journeys through school or the workforce.
  • Donate: We are a nonprofit run completely on volunteer manpower. We currently offer our website and network for free to members of our community.