Why Donate?

AMPHL is a nonprofit organization run completely by volunteers. We still seek community support for our website, administration, and our amazing biennial conferences. We have great pride in our professional website and expansive network. Every member has benefitted from AMPHL’s trusted reputation and the credibility of a true organization.

The intangible benefits to AMPHL are richer and more vital than the tangible ones. As health care professionals and students, through our professional memberships, we support the people and organizations that lobby on our behalf nationally and state-wide. Compared to our hearing colleagues, we are a minority in the health care world.

AMPHL is the go-to organization that lobbies on your behalf. We are the organization that provides information on legislation, lawsuits, stethoscope companies, and clear surgical mask development. We are the first line of contact for schools and employers looking for information on how they should accept a student or why they should hire a medical professional with a hearing loss. We are the contact point for disability support services who ask for recommendations on accommodations. We are the growing organization that future students look to for role models. We are the alumni who paved the road for generations to come, and who mentor those coming after us. We are the official body representing our own minority in the greater allied health field.

We are stronger united.

Welcome to AMPHL!

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